Bespoke Jewellery

We start with your initial ideas. This is when you bring all of your inspiration to show us what you love. If you’ve got a pinterest board, photos, magazine clippings or a mood board, we want to see them. We’ll then produce initial sketches as well as a quotation for the piece. You choose the design that fits what you had in mind; it’s that simple. 

With Studio 35’s bespoke jewellery service, you can remodel a family heirloom, include stones or engravings from vintage jewellery, or design an item from scratch with a real emotional connection to your past, present and future.


Find out more about our process in our short film
'An Introduction to Bespoke Jewellery by Studio 35' 

We’ll source a selection of beautiful stones for you to view, if your design includes them, so that you can choose the ones that look and feel just right. Once you’ve approved the designs and selected your stones, it’s time for a 30% deposit so that we can really get started on bringing your design to life.

We produce a model, in either silver or wax, to show you how everything fits together. It’s a lot easier to see how your unique piece of jewellery will look when it’s in a physical form, and this stage helps to check sizing, proportions and stone placement. Any tweaks can be incorporated before the work begins on your final piece, so that the end product is something you’re delighted to own and wear

Finally, your personalised design is handcrafted and becomes a reality. Once it’s finished and you’re happy, it’s time to pay the final balance and start to show off your fabulous new heirloom piece.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about creating a bespoke piece, please contact us. In the meantime please take a look at our gallery of recently completed beautiful bespoke jewellery.

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