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Bespoke Jewellery

We start with your initial ideas; a Pinterest board, photos or clippings and discuss your vision.  We’ll then produce initial sketches and a quotation.  You will choose and refine your design preference and we’ll build a 3d computer-aided design image to share with you. We will source beautiful gemstones as required and you then select those which look and feel just right for you.  

With Studio 35s bespoke jewellery service you can remodel a family heirloom or design a piece from scratch with a real emotional connection to your past, present and future.  We also undertake commissions for entertainment, corporate and sporting organisations and enjoy creating special jewellery to commemorate team and individual success.


Antony explains, “A favourite commission was the pair of rings I created for the film, "Man from U.N.C.L.E." It was a complex design challenge but the highly stylised 1960’s pieces looked wonderful on Alicia Vikander and it’s always exciting seeing my jewellery on stage and screen.”

Discover more about our design process in our short film.

We’ll source a selection of beautiful stones for you to view, if your design includes them, so that you can choose the ones that look and feel just right. Once you’ve approved the designs and selected your stones, it’s time for a 30% deposit so that we can really get started on bringing your design to life.


A wax model is produced to show you how everything fits together. This physical model helps to check sizing, proportions and stone placing. Any tweaks are incorporated before work begins on the final piece, ensuring the end product is something you’re delighted to wear and own.


Finally, your personalised design is handcrafted and becomes a reality. Once it’s finished and you’re happy, it’s time to pay the final balance and start to show off your fabulous new heirloom piece.

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Please contact us for more information on creating a bespoke design or find inspiration in our gallery of recently completed pieces of beautiful handmade jewellery.

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